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iptc |

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This is very encouraging – this means that pictures that I have classified within Picasa, F-spot, G-Thumb, etc.

iptc |
iptc is a module that will extract iptc caption and keyword tags from images added to drupal.
It depends on the image module.

It uses a plugin system to allow different libraries to be utilised to extract the data from
an image.

Currently it’s supporting the standard php functions, the exiftool binary, the exiv2 binary.

This module is sponsored by

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HOW TO: Drupal as database: A one to many scenario for displaying the data |

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HOW TO: Drupal as database: A one to many scenario for displaying the data
Drupal 5.x
The Scenario:

This scenario works from a point of view that a drupal node-type is equivalent to a database table. This scenario uses CCK, Views and Contemplate and optionally prepoulute to achieve its results. There are other scenarios and other modules that can relate and group nodes and node-types, which are not addressed within.

A good way to work a relational database with CCK

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uBrowser |

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uBrowser looks pretty cool – allows the user to drill down quite quickly – pretty good for a taxonomic classification.

Has a demo on:

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Geo Module

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The Geo Module looks like a great way to have full GIS support within drupal.

The geo module is the next generation geo-spatial module for Drupal. Like location, it provides storage for points, but it also supports the full range of OpenGIS Simple Features, such as lines and polygons. Geo takes advantage of spatially enabled databases (PostGIS and MySQL Spatial) for native storage, which leads to faster, more informational queries.

Geo is currently is early development, but much of the power of the system is very apparent. Feel free to download the code from CVS, but beware that support will be very limited.

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How-to: Import data into CCK nodes (5.x) |

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How-to: Import data into CCK nodes (5.x) |
How-to: Import data into CCK nodes (5.x)
Drupal 5.x

How-to: Import data into CCK nodes

Do you have data that you want to import into your drupal database, such that each row of data becomes a new node? Then this post may be for you. This originally stemmed from a comment in the forums importing data into CCK created node

There are two issues addressed by this post

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European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy (EDIT) | Vince Smith

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European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy (EDIT) | Vince Smith

EDIT is an EU funded Network of Excellence program with the goal of reducing the fragmentation of biological taxonomic research and coordinating an effort to facilitate taxonomic research using the World Wide Web. Within EDIT there has been much discussion about this can be achieved and I want to explain what my NHM colleagues and I have been doing as part of this project.

Good to see somebody else has been looking into these kind of things and sees the benefit of using pre-rolled CMS’s for biodiversity data.

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Scratchpad Modules | EDIT WP6

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Scratchpad Modules | EDIT WP6 lists the modules used for the species scratchpads. Definitely worth reading!

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