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Eclipse Galileo in Ubuntu Karmic

18/11/2009 6 comments

Whoohoo – upgraded to Karmic (ubuntu 9.10 (pronouced nine point ten not, one), and I can get the latest eclipse (3.51) by doing a:

sudo apt-get install eclipse

But what about all those eclipse plugins I hear you say – has anybody gone to the trouble of packaging them?

Thanks to Yogarine you can now do this:

Here’s the line to add to your software sources list:
deb karmic main

And then run the following on the terminal to add my gpg key:
wget -O- | sudo apt-key add - && sudo apt-get update

Update: Now according to Zoresvit in #1 below – it’s as easy as:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yogarine/eclipse/ubuntu

Now you can install the Eclipse plugins like you would any other application in Ubuntu, e.g.:
sudo apt-get install eclipse-pdt eclipse-subclipse

And hey presto you have an IDE that can develop drupal modules without too much hassle.

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GrassBase has a custom search engine

08/12/2006 1 comment

I have added a Google custom search engine to grassbase and this makes things a lot easier for me to deal with.
you can add the search engine to your custom google homepage by clicking on the button below:
Add to Google

You can also use the search engine at the it’s website