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Lucid 3.3 available as a free download!!!

23/12/2009 Leave a comment

It looks like the folk over at Lucid have decided to go with the Freemium model by offering Lucid 3.3 as a free download, while their feature rich flagship 3.5 version is available as a fully supported paid download. I think this is a brilliant move on their part and will see much more widespread adoption of their software. For more information see their announcement.


Iona in the passage

29/09/2008 3 comments

Oh oh she’s starting to move!!!

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Iona in the morning

29/09/2008 Leave a comment

She changes so much!!!

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my wordle

25/09/2008 Leave a comment

In response to Rod Page’s post I’ve created a Wordle too. It actually says a lot about somebody!

Kehan's Wordle

Kehan's Wordle

Image is Creative Commons License and provided by

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Our baby girl laughing

21/04/2008 Leave a comment
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Testing Flock

14/11/2007 Leave a comment

Flock is an interesting browser. It is based on Firefox, but has been optimised for social networking, and by default has plugins for numerous web2.0 websites. It also has a built in  blog editor (see  screenshot), which automatically acquired my screendump from my windows clipboard, and uploaded it to my flickr account for me.

There’s apparently a zotero plugin for flock, and I think it’s compatible with firefox extensions. Certainly an interesting tool to keep track of  – would reduce the need for numerous memory hogging firefox extensions which try to keep track of these things for you.

Blogged with Flock

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Kew bulletin online!

13/11/2007 1 comment

Kew Bulletin’s in JSTORWayhey – Kew Bulletin is now available through JSTOR so long as your institution has a subscription. Certainly a step forward – we should be able to get some decent citation metrics now!