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Carto – opengis web mapping |

06/02/2007 Leave a comment

Carto – opengis web mapping | – can also include google maps within widgets.

The Carto module makes the mappingwidgets framework available to nodes in Drupal. This enables the browsing of maps (available from opengis compliant web mapping services) in drupal nodes.

General functionality:

* carto filter to include mapping widgets in any drupal node
* default block for an overview map (with zoom in functionality) or a simple legend
* custom blocks can be defined using the carto filter containing any type of mappingwidget; e.g. a custom overview/legend block or a button-block.
* node type for specifying opengis web mapping services; block and RSS feeds for recently added WMS’es; ogc getmap/getcapabilities request can be done through drupal.
* RSS feeds for recent maps (per user or overall)

Additional info:

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