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GrassBase User map thanks to Google Analytics

19/07/2007 2 comments

Grass Website HitsHow anybody can even think about running a website without using something like Google Analytics is beyond me. I’ve just done an update (last friday) of our species descriptions and am now tracking views of all pages thanks to this amazing facility. It’s really gratifying to see that we’re being usedby all sorts of people, all over the place.

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BPH-2: Periodicals with Botanical Content – Please make them electronic!!!

13/07/2007 1 comment

I’ve been using the famous BPH-2: Periodicals with Botanical Content to standardise journal names in GrassBase, and I have endless frustration with the fact that this work is a standard for TDWG but it is not available electronically. If the standard hopes to be useful towards projects like the Biodiversity Heritage Library and the Encyclopaedia of Life, then it should also be freely available to all the peoples of the world, not just the relatively few specialist botanical libraries that have the money to pay for it. It’s published in 2004, so the text must have been electronic at some point in its lifetime, so even if you didn’t use a database when writing it, it would be a lot easier to search if it were electronic (even a PDF would be great). And please use a Creative Commons licence Creative Commons Licence Plus if you do it you’ll get lots of Kudos. And a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Oh and you may well get cited a lot more.


Compiled by Gavin D. R. Bridson. 2004. 2 volumes. v–xx, 1,470 pp.; 8 1/2 x 11″; 10 lbs. Cloth bound, $130 plus insurance ($3.20 domestic; $3.40 international) and shipping and handling. ISBN 0-913196-78-9.

BPH-2, a second edition of Botanico-Periodicum-Huntianum (1968), is an alphabetical title list of periodicals with botanical content. Spanning 1665 to 2002, BPH-2 includes more than 33,000 titles from around the


SOAP components for TOAD

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Note to self:





General bibliography for grasses

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General bibliography for grasses

FNA VOLS. 24 and 25 and more

This General Bibliography started as a compilation of all the citations in the “Selected References” portions of the grass volumes in the Flora of North America north of Mexico series. We are continuing to add references to it since the FNA 24 was sent to publication with the thought that it may benefit those starting to work on a group. Because of its history, the references are heavily biassed towards references on North American taxa.


NBII Digital Image Library – Grasses

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NBII Digital Image Library – Grasses has a library of freely available public domain images of biodiversity – not many grasses by lots of trees.


GrassBase Updated

29/01/2007 Leave a comment

The World Grass Species database has been updated with a number of very important changes. With this new name we hope to become a central resource for Agrostologists worldwide.

New Name

The database has been christened GrassBase following the trend of a number of other web projects.

New Descriptions

Just over 150 new descriptions have been incorporated into the database, including their associated nomenclature (which can be found in the updated synonymy database). This brings our total number of species with descriptions to 10,982. If you feel we are missing any data please don’t hesitate to inform us. If you have an earlier version of the nomenclature database please download it again as the links will be out of date.
GrassBase Screenshot

New Search Page

We have finally updated our search page and it is now much faster. In addition you can add GrassBase to your personal Google Homepage to quickly search our data.

Generic Descriptions

We have successfully generated descriptions for all grass genera from our species descriptions using Delta’s built in abilities to summarise individual taxon descriptions.

New Links

Each description page (species and genera) has been enhanced with the provisions of links that will search a number of different internet resources, including searching for specimens on Kew’s Herbarium Catalogue and electronic Plant Information Centre or ePIC. Many of the specimens within the Herbarium Catalogue are type specimens and have been scanned at high resolution which will help with your identification process. Additional links are also provided to GBIF (the Global Biodiversity Information Facility) , w3 TROPICOS and Google. These links will help to streamline your data gathering process, giving you more time to focus on what’s important to you.


Zen |

17/01/2007 1 comment

Zen theme intends to be a good starting point for a custom CSS theme

Zen is the ultimate starting theme for Drupal 5. If you are building your own standards-compliant theme, you will find it much easier to start with Zen than to start with Garland or Bluemarine.

The idea behind the Zen theme is to have a very flexible standards-compliant and (relatively) semantically correct XHTML theme that can be highly modified through CSS.

Out of the box, Zen is clean and simple with a provided fixed-width subtheme called Zen-fixed.

The name is an homage to the CSS Zen Garden site where designers can redesign the page purely through the use of CSS.

This theme has been written for Drupal 5 and there is (currently) no version for 4.7

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