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GrassBase User map thanks to Google Analytics

19/07/2007 2 comments

Grass Website HitsHow anybody can even think about running a website without using something like Google Analytics is beyond me. I’ve just done an update (last friday) of our species descriptions and am now tracking views of all pages thanks to this amazing facility. It’s really gratifying to see that we’re being usedby all sorts of people, all over the place.

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iPhylo: Google Earth phylogenies

06/06/2007 3 comments

Rod Page has extended some cool work and made a nice tree viewable in GoogleEarth. Take a look at the picture below. And he may well add this as a facility in his amazing TreeViewX – bump. Rod, where’s the KML file (or am I missing something?) – I wanted to see if this would work in Google maps as they now support loading KML files.

iPhylo: Google Earth phylogenies
Now, for something completely different. I’ve been playing with Google Earth as a phylogeny viewer, inspired by Bill Piel’s efforts, the cool avian flu visualisation Janies et al. published in Systematic Biology (doi:10.1080/10635150701266848), and David Kidd’s work.

Google Earth Phylogeny screenshot

Distrowar – ubuntu vs. suse vs. red hat vs. fedora vs. debian

04/04/2007 6 comments

Courtesy of Google Trends

Chart comparing distributions

You tell me which one is Ubuntu? My guess is they’re taking over – thank goodness. Bug No 1 does seem to be in trouble tho as the overall searches for linux seem to be dropping.


Scrub that last comment – microsoft searches are dropping as well.

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GrassBase has a custom search engine

08/12/2006 1 comment

I have added a Google custom search engine to grassbase and this makes things a lot easier for me to deal with.
you can add the search engine to your custom google homepage by clicking on the button below:
Add to Google

You can also use the search engine at the it’s website

Google goes green

24/10/2006 Leave a comment

According to this post Google has done the noble deed and is setting up the largest corporate solar panel installation in the US!!! About time corporations started taking notice of our shared environmental plight. I think that Google should issue a challenge to the rest of the corporate world as doing this will surely save everybody money and environmental woes.