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Google Maps in Drupal for specimens

Thanks to Vince for his recent post on Google Maps Mashups. Does enabling cache speed up page loading for this? Or is it the javascript? – I had that problem when trying to overlay shapefiles onto google maps. The “proper” way to do this is to have a map server only serving up the points that are visible from a particular zoom and doing the clustering itself (and drupal doesn’t have this – yet).

Good to see CCK being useful. I read yesterday that Drupal 6 is going to have a proper database API which will perform all of the CRUD actions for you. This is going to be called the Schema API. Should be extremely useful for doing DB related stuff (you don’t have to type CREATE TABLE bunkum;
INSERT INTO bunkum;.....
– you just tell your schema to add a record or data type or data structure.

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