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Biological Taxonomy in Drupal by Vince Smith

Vince Smith’s post on Biological Taxonomy in Drupal is an interesting read. He has developed a nifty little tool that will help people using his ‘Scratchpads‘, or actually pretty much any Vanilla Drupal installation to import their classifications.

I think this is a great approach as Drupal takes it’s core concept of taxonomy from a biological background. A slightly different way of doing this that I have been thinking about is using Drupal’s Content Construction Kit (CCK) modules to model biological data types such as Taxon Concepts, meaning that metadata about names can be included. There is another drop in replacement for the drupal taxonomy module called Category which has a number of nifty additional features including the ability for drupal node to become a category:


  1. Create your taxon concepts in CCK
  2. Make the TaxonConcept node type a Category
  3. Tag all your other information relating to that Taxon with that Category

Time I started sharing my ideas I’ve been developing some of these ideas.

Also I was reading about the Relationship Module and it’s possible for node relations to be expressed in RDF and to plug additional RDF ontologies into drupal. All sounds promising and even a little bit TDWG’y

Hope this makes sense.

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