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Mapbuilder | drupal.org – could be used to produce customised distribution maps

The Mapbuilder module integrates the Community Mapbuilder web mapping client with Drupal.

It adds the Mapbuilder context and configuration as content types and can produce the corresponding xml output to be used as input to a Mapbuilder client.
A filter is added for showing Mapbuilder clients inline.

Further developments are being done on the 5.x version of this module. Differences in functionality between the releases:
* support for xml schema for mapbuilder context: ViewContext or OWSContext

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  1. chuotlac
    03/08/2007 at 3:47 am

    I’m begining use Mapbuilder. How can I install and configuration MapBuilder in my computer?

  2. 03/08/2007 at 9:35 am

    I’m afraid I haven’t tried this yet – I just did the blog post to remind myself about it when I come to need it. You need to get drupal installed in the first place, and the installation process looks straightforward – I’ll let you know if I try to get it working. Take a look at the instructions on http://drupal.org/project/mapbuilder.

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