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NBII Digital Image Library – Grasses

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NBII Digital Image Library – Grasses has a library of freely available public domain images of biodiversity – not many grasses by lots of trees.


Googlemap |

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Googlemap | More mapping – add location to nodes (specimens?) and these will be plotted on a map page

Googlemap.module integrates with the locative data added to Drupal’s native RSS feeds by location.module. Nodes in the RSS feed are plotted on a administrator-configurable map.

This module uses Google’s official mapping API (

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Carto – opengis web mapping |

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Carto – opengis web mapping | – can also include google maps within widgets.

The Carto module makes the mappingwidgets framework available to nodes in Drupal. This enables the browsing of maps (available from opengis compliant web mapping services) in drupal nodes.

General functionality:

* carto filter to include mapping widgets in any drupal node
* default block for an overview map (with zoom in functionality) or a simple legend
* custom blocks can be defined using the carto filter containing any type of mappingwidget; e.g. a custom overview/legend block or a button-block.
* node type for specifying opengis web mapping services; block and RSS feeds for recently added WMS’es; ogc getmap/getcapabilities request can be done through drupal.
* RSS feeds for recent maps (per user or overall)

Additional info:

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Mapbuilder |

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Mapbuilder | – could be used to produce customised distribution maps

The Mapbuilder module integrates the Community Mapbuilder web mapping client with Drupal.

It adds the Mapbuilder context and configuration as content types and can produce the corresponding xml output to be used as input to a Mapbuilder client.
A filter is added for showing Mapbuilder clients inline.

Further developments are being done on the 5.x version of this module. Differences in functionality between the releases:
* support for xml schema for mapbuilder context: ViewContext or OWSContext

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Services |

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Services | may be a dream come true – integrate with existing web services – the sky is the limit.

The services module package was created out of a need for a standardized solution of integrating external applications with Drupal, specifically Flash and Flex applications.

Note: XMLRPC server support is included in this package. To enable AMF support for Flash and Flex, you must download and install the AMFPHP server module in addition to this module.

**More information and documentation coming soon!

* service browser
* manage api keys
* services are defined in modules using the service api
* servers such as XMLRPC and AMFPHP are defined in modules using the server api

Service modules included:

* node service
* user service
* taxonomy service
* system service
* views service

Server modules included:

* xmlrpc server

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Sql authentication |

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Sql authentication is potentially useful to connect to external databases and retrieve records. Could be useful for connecting to the monocot checklist and herbarium catalogue – I’d much rather connect to these using an API though.

SQL authentication is a module that uses the external authentication methods in Drupal to connect to any other database.

Whether that is a PHPbb MySQL database, or another drupal site in postgresql does not really matter. It is fully configurable and easy to use. Multiple hashing algorythms are supported too, configurable in the settings interface.

Its user-end system is similar to the drupalID, with one difference: your data will not go unencrypted over the big bad web.

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