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Zen theme intends to be a good starting point for a custom CSS theme

Zen is the ultimate starting theme for Drupal 5. If you are building your own standards-compliant theme, you will find it much easier to start with Zen than to start with Garland or Bluemarine.

The idea behind the Zen theme is to have a very flexible standards-compliant and (relatively) semantically correct XHTML theme that can be highly modified through CSS.

Out of the box, Zen is clean and simple with a provided fixed-width subtheme called Zen-fixed.

The name is an homage to the CSS Zen Garden site where designers can redesign the page purely through the use of CSS.

This theme has been written for Drupal 5 and there is (currently) no version for 4.7

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  1. 29/01/2007 at 4:26 pm

    Managed to modify the Zen theme to suite our internal CSS’s and all seems to work ok except for the fact that the Admin pages break in IE6 – googled around for a fix but that didn’t work unfortunately – note to self – need to find the link to that fix again. One workaround is to use a different theme for admin, or the other more obvious fix – use a standards compliant browser.

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