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The Category Module provides quite useful wrappers for Taxonomy and Book modules to make a hierarchically organised website. Need to decide whether to use this or use the normal Taxonomy module.

The category module allows you to structure your site into a tree-like hierarchy of pages, and to classify your dynamic content, all within one seamless interface. It is built upon the foundations of the core book and taxonomy modules, and it provides all of the functionality of these two modules, and much more, to help you in customizing the navigational experience of your Drupal site.

Announcements and documentation can be found at the official category module web site.

This is not a single module, but rather a package of modules, which includes (among others):

* category: the core system.
* category_menu: auto-manages menu items to match the category structure.
* category_display: fine tunes display of many elements per-container, e.g. TOC, nav links.
* ‘Wrapper modules’: to allow full backwards-compatibility with the taxonomy and book modules (which this module is based upon), and thus with all other modules that depend on them.
* category_export: provides a printer-friendly version of a category and all its children.
* category_legacy: import / export from taxonomy / book.

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