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GrassBase Updated

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The World Grass Species database has been updated with a number of very important changes. With this new name we hope to become a central resource for Agrostologists worldwide.

New Name

The database has been christened GrassBase following the trend of a number of other web projects.

New Descriptions

Just over 150 new descriptions have been incorporated into the database, including their associated nomenclature (which can be found in the updated synonymy database). This brings our total number of species with descriptions to 10,982. If you feel we are missing any data please don’t hesitate to inform us. If you have an earlier version of the nomenclature database please download it again as the links will be out of date.
GrassBase Screenshot

New Search Page

We have finally updated our search page and it is now much faster. In addition you can add GrassBase to your personal Google Homepage to quickly search our data.

Generic Descriptions

We have successfully generated descriptions for all grass genera from our species descriptions using Delta’s built in abilities to summarise individual taxon descriptions.

New Links

Each description page (species and genera) has been enhanced with the provisions of links that will search a number of different internet resources, including searching for specimens on Kew’s Herbarium Catalogue and electronic Plant Information Centre or ePIC. Many of the specimens within the Herbarium Catalogue are type specimens and have been scanned at high resolution which will help with your identification process. Additional links are also provided to GBIF (the Global Biodiversity Information Facility) , w3 TROPICOS and Google. These links will help to streamline your data gathering process, giving you more time to focus on what’s important to you.


Ubuntu Studio – Let your Creativity Fly

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OOh – this’ll get those creative juices flowing!
Ubuntu Studio – Let your Creativity Fly
Coming this April…
Ubuntu Studio Screenshot
Ubuntu Studio. A multimedia creation derivative of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Studio is aimed at the linux audio, video and graphic enthusiast as well as professional.


Upload previews |

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Upload previews |

Adds image preview thumbnails to the file attachment section on node editing pages. That way, users can see what image they are dealing with instead of guessing it from the file name. To prevent ultra wide tables, a file is now spread over two lines with the first displaying the image and the filename and the second one containing the checkboxes for deletion and listing, as well as the file size information. screenshot

XML Sitemap (formerly Google Sitemap) |

23/01/2007 2 comments

XML Sitemap (formerly Google Sitemap) will enable google to see GrassBase’s contents.

The XML Sitemap module creates a XML sitemap in accordance with the specification.

The module maintains a short change history for nodes in order to better approximate the change frequency. It calculates the relative priority of each node based on node type, number of comments, and promotion. It can optionally submit your sitemap to Google (support for other search engines will be added once they support the ping interface) whenever it is changed and can log when your sitemap is downloaded by a search engine.

This module was originally written as a part of the Google Summer of Code program.

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Pathauto |

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Pathauto will generate nice clean urls that help with site navigation. The Category module has a category_pathauto module that becomes available when pathauto is installed, which will enable sensible link creation.

The pathauto module automatically generates path aliases for various kinds of content (nodes, categories, users) when no explicit alias is provided by the user.

Discussion group: Stay up to date on Pathauto Development and provide insight by subscribing to the Paths Group on Groups.Drupal

Version Compatability Note: You must use the version of Pathauto that corresponds to your Drupal installation (e.g. 4.6, 4.7, etc.) Pathauto currently has three branches that are being maintained to varying degrees.

* Pathauto for 4.6 will get “bug fixes” if it’s a really critical bug.
* Pathauto for 4.7 still gets bug fixes.
* Pathauto 5.x is mostly updated for Drupal5.0. You can follow and assist with 5.0 updating in the Issue Queue. The 5.x version is also the home to any feature development or changes in functionality, so it may break your site.

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Markdown with SmartyPants |

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Markdown with SmartyPants will be useful to write easy to format page text. Insert links with [[square brackets]]

The Markdown with SmartyPants module allows you to enter content using Markdown, a simple, plain text syntax that is filtered into valid XHTML, and will automatically convert plain ASCII characters to their proper Unicode entities in context (“curly quotes,” et al.) using SmartyPants.

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Existing import / export modules in Drupal contrib

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Jeremy Epstein has developed an Import/Export API for drupal. In doing so he has also documented JExisting import / export modules in Drupal contrib

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