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Front Page | drupal.org

Probably useful to implement a static ‘homepage’ – may be able to do this through Drupal core though? mush check this out.

The Front Page module allows user to specify splash pages or front pages to their site that are different in layout to the default theme/style and also offers the option to display different front pages to Authenticated Users logged in and Anonymous users not logged in. It is very simple to install, no SQL fiddling required and step by step instructions are provided in the README.TXT file in the download.

key features

The front_page.module is very useful if you want to do the following:

* Have a splash front page to your drupal site that is different from your default layout you can have a full HTML/Flash/PHP splash page that points to a different stylesheet/layout from the default theme you are using. Or you can simply display a special message within your default theme.
* Automatically display a different front page for Anonymous and Authenticated Users. You can specify a special front page for visitors to your site who have not logged in or registered, while users who have already registered (Authenticated Users) automatically either get a different page or are redirected to a specific area/section/page within your site.)
* Easily update/change the contents or the redirects of your front page(s) from within the Drupal Administration area. The Front Page module, once installed, is easily accessible from the Drupal Administration Module Settings page, so you can update and modify your Front Page(s) very simply and easily. Some find it useful to simply alternate between UNDER MAINTENANCE/BACKUP in PROCESS type notices for users and their normal front pages.
* Include PHP code in your Front Page(s) (Thanks Scott for the patch!) Create dynamic and more sophisticated front pages to your site using PHP. Click through to the Sliced Bread PHP Snippets handbook page for some ready made snippets you can paste/tweak for your front page(s).
* Override the HOME links on your site Useful if you have a SPLASH page or FLASH intro to your site that you don’t want users going back to each time they click on your HOME link or the HOME breadcrumb links throughout your site. The front_page.module can tell whether the person is coming from within the site or from elswhere. So visitors and users are handled accordingly.

key features (Drupal 5 version of the module only)

* Specify a different front page based on Role. You can specify a special front page for each role type
* Display a custom mission statement for registered users who have not visited the site for a while You can specify the special mission and the ‘time away’ setting.

  1. 25/10/2008 at 8:00 pm

    I think that It is much easier to change Default home page in the Administer -> Site configuration -> Site information.

  2. 27/10/2008 at 12:51 am

    I’d agree with you there. I think when the module was developed that wasn’t an option in drupal core.

  1. 19/03/2007 at 2:29 am
  2. 27/09/2007 at 12:12 am

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