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Pretty cool animation

30/11/2006 1 comment

Whiteboard Animation


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I don’t think I’ve seen as cool an animation as this. It’s pretty nifty and all done on a whiteboard.
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Java goes GPL!

30/11/2006 Leave a comment

Just seen this on slashdot. Sun is releasing JAVA under the GPL.

Certainly makes me a lot more amenable to Java which I have historically been a bit sceptical about. Means I will have to learn a bit more about Classes and the likes 😦

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Automated image classification

13/11/2006 Leave a comment

Biologist’s jobs may soon get a lot easier with automated image classification. According to MIT’s Technology Review machine learning has been able to accurately classify previously unseen image content using a database of pre-existing images and tags. They have used this of publicly available Flickr images.

The process is known as ALIPR (Automatic Linguistic Indexing of Pictures).