I have been pretty out of youch with this blog. I recently went to a talk by Rod Page and he has given me enthusiasum for blogging again. Really enjoyed the talk by the way – really insightful as to why the web is useful (and how to Grok it!).

Anyway, I have added some more pictures to my website, so if anybody is keen take a look at There is a bigger gallery at our gallery which contains all of our pictures is powered by CLIGS.

I have recently started an MSc in Bioinformatics at Cranfield University, and am really enjoying the course. I have learned a hell of a lot of things that I wanted to know and really feel a little empowered and very much in awe of the field of Biodiversity Informatics – more to come on that front soon I guess.

Anyway, this is enough of a ramble for now but will try to stay in touch with this blog.

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