Lucid 3.3 available as a free download!!!

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It looks like the folk over at Lucid have decided to go with the Freemium model by offering Lucid 3.3 as a free download, while their feature rich flagship 3.5 version is available as a fully supported paid download. I think this is a brilliant move on their part and will see much more widespread adoption of their software. For more information see their announcement.


Eclipse Galileo in Ubuntu Karmic

18/11/2009 6 comments

Whoohoo – upgraded to Karmic (ubuntu 9.10 (pronouced nine point ten not, one), and I can get the latest eclipse (3.51) by doing a:

sudo apt-get install eclipse

But what about all those eclipse plugins I hear you say – has anybody gone to the trouble of packaging them?

Thanks to Yogarine you can now do this:

Here’s the line to add to your software sources list:
deb karmic main

And then run the following on the terminal to add my gpg key:
wget -O- | sudo apt-key add - && sudo apt-get update

Update: Now according to Zoresvit in #1 below – it’s as easy as:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yogarine/eclipse/ubuntu

Now you can install the Eclipse plugins like you would any other application in Ubuntu, e.g.:
sudo apt-get install eclipse-pdt eclipse-subclipse

And hey presto you have an IDE that can develop drupal modules without too much hassle.

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Ubuntu Please Implement support for OpenCL API

24/12/2008 4 comments

Just heard that the next version of OS-X (Snow Leopard) is going to support using the GPU for number crunching tasks. It’d be absolutely awesome if ubuntu could do this too.

Now that OpenCL 1.0 is final, prioritising support would not only inspire developers to use linux, but also prove that we have the development toolkits, guts and motivation to compete against OSX Snow Leopard and Windows 7. If we don’t support it rapidly, we will only fall further behind OSX, especially since it will give their developers extra time to utilise it properly (we shouldn’t be waiting until its already popular). The faster we get this implemented, the quicker developers can use it, and the faster Ubuntu will be!

For those who don’t know, OpenCL is a royalty-free standard for developers to program general purpose highly parallelised applications over GPU and CPU (combining their power even). Its more advanced then CUDA in that it combines CPU and GPU power and is accessible outside of Nvidia’s video cards.

In summary, OpenCL is expected to become very popular with developers and users, and will make everything damned fast (especially considering we are already seeing video cards with 1600 processing threads, and Intel CPU’s with 16 virtual CPU’s will be out Q3 2009). If every program used OpenCL, processing power will seem almost infinite to end users.

Activision, Blizzard, AMD, Apple, ARM, Broadcom, Electronic Arts, IBM, Intel, Nokia, NVIDIA, Apple and Samsung are all on board. All major gaming companies, CPU and GPU manufacturers are on board. So yes, it will be a slaughter without support… ATI is dropping “close to metal”, and as Nvidia will support OpenCL, CUDA will probably be depreciated slowly too (at the moment they are recommending CUDA only as a higher-level development platform).

Iona in the passage

29/09/2008 3 comments

Oh oh she’s starting to move!!!

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Iona in the morning

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She changes so much!!!

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my wordle

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In response to Rod Page’s post I’ve created a Wordle too. It actually says a lot about somebody!

Kehan's Wordle

Kehan's Wordle

Image is Creative Commons License and provided by

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Our baby girl laughing

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